Vs 1.2 files open mirrored

Bug I just noticed. Got 1.2 all setup with the galvo laser, works amazing btw, can’t wait to purchase, well deserved and money well spent! Anyway I noticed now when I open a saved lightburn file that was made in previous version for the co2 laser , it opens up vertically mirrored. Not sure where to report a bug, not a big deal , just want to pass along anything I see happening in the new version. Great work as always guys!

It’s not a bug, you just need to change some of your settings.

That’s just because the devices use different origins. For now you’ll need to manually flip by selecting the art and using H / V to flip it. Eventually we’ll make it detect the difference, and ask if you’d like to flip it. It does alter the design, which is why we don’t do it automatically.

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:man_facepalming: Haha, yup didn’t think about the origins being different! All good, everything is working great!

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