Wallet decorated with some chess motif

Hello friends,

I want to show you my latest work, it is a wallet decorated with some chess motif. I leave the link of the video that I have made to publicize its creation, the video has subtitles that you can automatically translate with YouTube. Thank you all.

Procés de creació de la cartera del Ramir Torras (youtube.com)


Hi Albert,

You’ve put a lot of work into this and think its great you have made this detailed video.
My recommendation would be to show more of the finished wallet in the video and share some pictures here.

thanks for showing us.

Thanks for the recommendation, in fact the portfolio that I am making at this moment, this month, will precisely have a better production of the video in which the finished portfolio will be shown. The biggest difficulty I have in these videos of the portfolios I make is to make them as short as possible so as not to bore the audience. It is a difficult task due to the amount of images that are generated when I make the portfolio and it is difficult to summarize it without losing details. Thank you for your comments Dominic, I am always encouraged by constructive criticism. All the best.

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