Walt530 ( project won’t center)

Project won’t center when I engrave, it was fine two days ago but not today, Help

The easiest thing is to send the file up here for inspection.

It does this with all of my files, it worked fine a few days ago.

What “Start From” mode are you using in Laser window? And what is your process for aligning your work?

Besides @berainlb questions…

Could you tell us if this is a single job or if you run one job for the box and one job for the image?


Start mode is “ absolute “ I just use ccenter to page to align project, It has worked this why since I got my machine!

Are you ever moving the head of the laser by hand after homing? If so, this is likely the cause of the issue as your machine will no longer have correct knowledge of position.

If you’re not moving it by hand then can you provide the following:

  1. Overview of your workflow and what you’re doing.
  2. Full screenshot of LightBurn with your design loaded and ready to burn. Please have Cut and Laser windows showing.

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