Want to create jobs on computer that is not connected to a laser

Want to create jobs on a computer that is not connected to a laser. In the console it shows “waiting on connection”. I can’t change any of the $$ settings. Is there a way to disable it looking for the laser so I can do my work in the office when there is no laser

Just ignore the console and go about your work. None of that stops you from designing anything.
Now - granted, of course you cannot change your $$ config settings - you aren’t connected. But why would you want to at that point?

Yes, cancel out of that auto-find process and then use the ‘Create Manually’ to define a device profile.

This is a required step to complete.

LightBurn is a dynamic application supporting a varied list of motion controllers. The code required to drive a given system differs based on the controller defined in the profile. Additionally, the LightBurn UI will change to only present relevant features and options appropriate for your laser system.

Did you do this as suggested in this other post you made? The first part of that, “click ‘Devices’ in the ‘Laser’ window and then click ‘Create Manually’. Choose GRBL-M3 and complete the process, filling out the required information and finish.” is the important part to complete for this computer. You do not need to be connected to the laser but you need a Device Profile defined. As Adam identifies, then you can “…ignore the console and go about your work.”.

Hmmm - If you were talking about the initial profile creation process than I misunderstood. Sorry. I assumed you already had a device profile setup.

I am still at the stage I don’t know what i dont know. I am putting all the pieces together to establish the flow. Here is what i am trying to do. I installed an opt-laser on my cncrouterparts cnc . It is connected to the smooth-stepper board of the cnc controller. For cnc i would use vectric aspire and mach 3 to do a cnc job. Trying to figure the flow need to make this all work with the laser. This laser is rather new, on the market, so not an abundant of videos out there. Once i get all the pieces of the puzzle together i plan on making an in depth video on the process.

Oddly enough, the laser itself isn’t terribly important as far as the software is concerned - it’s a light switch that gets turned on & off really fast. :slight_smile: The thing that flips that switch is the controller, and that’s the part that LightBurn would normally talk to.

I say ‘normally’ because you have a SmoothStepper, and LightBurn doesn’t support that controller, so my suggestion would be to manually create a GRBL-M3 device profile, as that has the most generic GCode output of all the profiles in LightBurn. You don’t actually have to ever connect to a machine to use the software, but it needs to know which features to show you in the UI, and what format of machine data file to export.

When I export the gcode it uses M3 and M5 to turn the laser on and off. I am having to edit the gcode to change those to M10P1 and M11p1. Is there a setting in lightburn that will let me use those codes.

There isn’t, no. LightBurn does not have a “generic” GCode output mode or an editable post processor. It’s something I would like to do in the future, but it’ll take a while.

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