Want WiFi Remote camera compatible with LightBurn

I’m very new to Laser Etching and cutting, I love the LightBurn SW. I actually want to monitor the garage from inside the house for long projects. is there a simple solution to do this? I already can run everything remotely. I want to be able to visually monitor the same way. Help Please !
Steve (nubie)

My opinion, never leave a laser unattended. Always stay near.

With that said, $20 Wyze cam is the best for any type of monitoring.

I’ll second Mr. Long’s suggestion to never leave a laser unattended. I occasionally will rush to the kitchen, fewer than 5 meters away, to get a glass of water, but never longer than that. I had a small piece of debris ignite during a project. It was simple enough to extinguish it with my breath, but had I been away longer, good bye laser, possibly good bye house.

If your laser is in the garage and the garage is unattached and you have nothing else in the garage you wish to continue to own, your laser could ignite and you may not notice it in time to save your property. If you intend to monitor the camera constantly, you could do that sitting at the laser in a safer manner.

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Lasers burn material as part of their normal operation, and fires happen - it’s a matter of when, not if. Do a Google image search for “laser caught fire” and look for phrases like, “I had to pee”, or “I answered the door”. It’s not worth it.

Examples: https://sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?218002-Acrylic-Fires

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