Warped image from rotary

We’re getting our rotary attachment set up and it seems that we have everything correct based on a few videos we’ve watched but when we go to etch something on a tumbler the image comes out all warped and not even close to how it’s supposed to look. Help please!! Thanks!

doesnt look like it was fixed properly

  1. It can be due to the laser strategy and/or the axis of rotation. The container is not firmly attached to the axis of rotation. This means that the container may slip only minimally. This leads to inaccuracies that show up as an offset.

  2. The laser strategy in connection with 1. may be responsible for this. Make sure that the axis of rotation only moves in one direction and that there are no forward and backward movements in the same job.
    That could possibly help.

  3. There may be other causes. To do this, you would have to give us more information about the Laserjob.

Looks like the tumbler was walking around on the rollers.

  • What style rotary do you have
  • Which axis drives the rotary (are you sharing Y)
  • How are you positioning the rotary in the machine (in which orientation)
  • How are you clamping / securing the tumbler into the rotary
  • For the axis driving the rotary stepper, what are your speed and acceleration values
  • For the axis not driving the rotary stepper, what are your speed and acceleration values
  • How large of a machine is this
  • What does he machine rest on, the floor or a table

It’s a roller rotary, on the Y axis. The rotary is sitting along the x axis. The tumbler is being secured using the wheel clamp thing on the rotary. The machine is sitting on a table. We were thinking it could be due to the table wobbling too much but I made the table more sturdy so it hardly wobbles at all, I got a couple pins to help lock the rotary in place but still got the same result. Not sure what else we can try at this point. I’ve included some pictures of our machine and rotary setup if it can help anybody help us

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