Was there a change a while back that stopped the panel Move from being docked

I noticed after the last update that the move panel will not dock in the side panel. It is now a subset of the Laser panel so I have to switch between Laser and Move panels. I liked it when move was its own freestanding panel…?

Nothing has changed the behavior of the windowing system, no. You can undock the window, move where you’d like, or dock again in a different place. Have a look at this early video for an overview:

No…absolutely not. Its only the MOVE panel that does this. Even if I have just two panels on the right it will always become a subset of another panel…whichever one you try and lay it above. or over…it won’t dock underneath a a separate panel. Any other panel will dock as a third panel under or between the other two but never the move.
Look at the three screen captures. First one is two panels pon the right with properties and move seperate and floating. Put the properties under the Laser and it will stack under a separate panel but loom at the third capture. That is what happens no matter where I try and put Move…it becomes a subset of whatever panel I try and put it under…or over.

And actually the Move panel prevents more than two panels from being displayed. Any other panel combination will allow at least three on the right but as soon as Move is combined with any other panel it is limited to two and any more become subsets of whatever panel you lay it under. Believe me I have fiddled for months and this is what it is.

Maybe I should have said ‘the window can be undocked’ instead. I show several different window layouts and configurations below. I just did these on the fly, then restored back to my liking.

Yes that I understand. But in earlier version move could be one of three panels on the right without being a subset or combined with another. Beyond three yes then they become a subset tab under whatever panel you placed the over. Again as I said I can have three open panels on the right in any combination as long as it isn’t move. Which never was. I use move all the time along with laser and cut. I do not want to toggle between laser and move when I need to frame then move to adjust position. Properties or any other panel can be a tab subset but those three…laser,cut and move used to be able to be displays as three visible panels on the right. Why isn’t this able to so. Try it yourself. Open cut,laser ,properties and move, you can’t ever put move in with two panels without it being a tab but you can properties and other panels and still have three open displayed panels. Although granted I have not tested every panel as some I never use.

So again…I used to be able to have cut,laser and move as three panels open and visible docked on the right with properties tabbed to whichever usually cut. Now can’t do it……why……

All panels have a minimum size, and require that there’s enough room available for whatever combination of windows you have displayed. I was able to drop my move window above the Cuts/Layers window and the Laser window:

What is the resolution of your display and the size of your LightBurn window? Your screen shots are 1920 x 1080, so I’m assuming that’s the size. My image above is only 970 pixels tall, so you should be able to reproduce that.

Try undocking everything on the right, then adding the Move window first, and follow with the others - does that work?

I’m having the same problem - but I put it down to upgrading to a larger monitor and from Win7 to Win 10 /Ruida 6442 = Obviously I am not alone!!! I would love to be able to stack laser ,cut and move as I used to!! -Haven’t tried the latest fix yet as have to go out - will check back later -Cheers

O.K…so I got it to work and the only way to get it to work is to minimize the lightburn screen or basically click the little minimize maximize tab in the upper right corner. If the screen is maximized it will never allow more than two panels if MOVE is one of them. Putting Move there first makes no difference. Move is the bugger. SO as long as the screen is not maximized it will dock. Then when I maximize it it stays as three separate panels now.
The odd thing is though…now that it is maximized I cannot get another panel like say Properties to dock at all. Obviously it would be docked as a tab under cut for me…but it wont. the panels on the right are locked…UNTIL…I minimize it again. Then I can add Properties or any other panel as a tab subset.
This is odd but it works and I don’t change panels anyway so its now set as I like it so…
Now to just add more oddness. I adjusted the size of the toolbar slider which I always had at normal but i reduced it a bit in size as I don’t need it that large and now…the panels on the right can dock and undock and stack like the old days. Take Move out…put it in no problem.I mean changing toolbar size down one level does not make a huge difference in the overall screen but enough it changed how docking the panels on the right behave. I have always since day one kept the toolbar as normal so not sure how all this plays but must be sniggets happening with my screen resolution. It is not a standard screen resolution so maybe I see it whereas many others do not.

We did change the Move panel to accommodate a GRBL panel that flips into place when jobs are running on that firmware. It’s possible that my current version has a fix in place for the behavior change, because I don’t have the issue with docking the move panel that you’re referring to - it’s likely fixed already for the next release, but was noticed after the last one.

That’s fine. I wonder if it has something to do with my monitor software and LB combined. I have to install software to run my monitor as it’s an older wide screen designed for photo work. Can’t just run it on windows default monitor setups. So maybe you and others won’t see it.

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