Wasteboard grid and actual burn off-- Confused!

I’m having an issue and I’m really scratching my head. I bought a grid file off etsy to engrave my wasteboard. I ensured I homed the LM2 before burning this grid. Grid burned fine, looks great.

However, If i delete the entire grid and add a 20x20mm square to where one was on the grid, the burn is off on the Y axis. It’s almost as if the entire grid is offset from what the laser will actually burn. If I manually set the origin to the lowest corner of the grid, I can get the laser to frame a square of the grid correctly. I homed the LM2 prior to burning the grid… and again before burning my 20x20 square, but it’s not correct. BTW-- both the grid file and the 20x20 square are being burned using coordinates…
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I want to figure out why this issue is occuring, so that I can setup my rigs true to the wasteboard and burn some stuff… I’ve tried everything I can think to do and researched the issue but I’m not getting anywhere. It doesn’t seem to be a hardware issue (belts are tensioned, burn quality is high, but off) more of a disparity in origins or something but I’m not an expert… Hence why I need help. Thanks everyone!

Images to try and show what I’m talking about:Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Thanks for the reply rick. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m not understanding the purpose of the info.

I already have a grid burned, a grid that perfectly replicates the grid in lightburn.
The issue is that the grid on the screen and grid on the board aren’t lined up for some reason, despite the grid on the screen being the reason the grid was burned onto the board. Did you check the pictures?

Thanks, I really appreciate the help.

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I burned the grid using absolute coordinates, but when I try to position anything else using absolute coordinates, it is off. It’s almost like the laser is homing into different positions but given that It has a limit switch it shouldn’t…

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