Water chiller temps and Equipment

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I researched hed the forum for chillers and found nothing, isthere a preferred chiller on the market? All my research in customer reviews leave me nervous, whats the optimal temp range for 80w CO2 and does anyone have a brand thats working they are comfortable with? Im in need of one so any info is greatly appreciated

I use a genuine S&A CW5000 on my laser and it holds the temp perfectly at 18 degrees C no matter how much cutting I do. Be wary of the CW5000 clones as they are not built to the same quality as the genuine S&A chillers. Do not buy a CW3000, as that model is just a radiator and a fan and pump, it can only cool to the ambient temperature in the room, and usually stays a few degrees above ambient. Hope this info helps.

+1 on using genuine S&A CW5000 and not a clone or a 3000. Mine keeps my 100W at less than 20C.

The difference in price is about 1/4 the cost of replacing a tube that burns out early. I’d also rather not have no-name electronics and quality control in close proximity to water and very high voltage.

IIRC, “cooler is better as long as you stay above the dewpoint temperature”, but there’s probably not much benefit going below 18C.

Very much appreciated, again I found many on web and Boss laser has one for $900 and amazon has multiple from $400 & up. All saying this is geniune, you guys have a preferred vendor? Is teyu legit?

I got a genuine S&A from eBay for $545, including shipping.

Teyu is the S & A manufacturer, so yes it is legit.

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I have a knock off CW5200 with an inline water temp gauge to verify the reading that’s on the chiller display. It works perfect and the build quality is much better then expected. I was willing to take the risk with Chinese high voltage on my 130 watt 1390 I thought it was fitting to buy a knock off chiller to match my Chinese laser. Because water is involved, I do have it plugged into a GFCI.

I ordered the S&A CW5000 for $519, im all in at this point… Im currently using about 100 feet of tightly coiled 3/8" copper tube in a mini frig with 2 holes popped through and calked. Ill admit it works but when I do a say 600x450 intricate piece on 1/4" baltic it gets alittle hairy. I have remote weber grill temp gauges bluetoothed to phone with temp alarms so im always aware but time to upgrade lmfao.


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