Wattage of laser engraver

Hi all after some help if possible i have a 5 watt vevor laser engraver with spot eye laser how do i put that into lightburn i see other machines in the list do i just choose a equivalent 5 watt machine

thank you

I don’t have one of these, but here is a video of how to connect… I just searched for it, as I don’t own one.


The critical feature is not the laser diode’s power, but the control language used in its controller. Most diode laser controllers run a variation of GRBL, but (as with human languages) each variation requires the correct “pronunciation”: picking a similar laser from the list will cause LightBurn to use the wrong “accent”, which (as with humans) will cause misunderstandings.

Someone around here surely has a Vevor laser and can offer specific advice; it’ll just take a while for them to wake up!

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