Wavy engraving patches on Atomstack A70?

Hello everyone,

I just got my first diode laser recently, and I am learning how to use it. I did an engraving test (35 watt) on 3mm maple wood and noticed some wavy patches at lower speeds (1000-4000). The higher speeds are smooth.

Can anyone explain what might be causing this?

Thank you!

There are lines all over your photos… which lines shouldn’t be there?

Some of this might be debris from nearby lasing.

Usually with mechanical issues, the problems are exacerbated by an increase in speed.


Looks a little strange. Is this the same orientation that it was lasered?

Yes, POWER (%) on the X-axis. Can you understand what I am describing, or should I take a better photo?

Here are some closer photos. The issue only exists at speeds up to 4000.

If this has belts, compare the teeth separation on the belt to those lines you’re referring.

If this is what’s happening, Russ Sadler labeled this effect curtains.

His fix … on my machine, is a rack/pinion belt drive.


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I have to wonder if changing steps on the motors would have any effect?

Probably make it non-functional…

They set these up to be plugged in and used by everyone… consequently the settings are very conservative …

I doubt it would change anything, especially if it’s caused by the belt.

As long as they can return the controller to it’s factory settings, it shouldn’t hurt anything.


Post a screenshot of your Cut/layer Advanced settings.

Here they are. It’s the material test in Lightburn.

Okay. But it is happening only at certain speeds. Shouldn’t it be across the whole spectrum?

I would think so, but I don’t know what else to suggest… The only options, mechanically, are overall machine having no loose parts and belt tension.

I don’t know how the laser or controller itself might do this.

I can see it go away when your speed gets higher, in the photo…


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Please post the Advanced tab settings.
Worth checking the same test with other wood specie maybe you’re hitting hard grain.

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I would try playing with the belt tension. I can see where being to tight could amplify the problem.


Ok. i will make a test on mdf and see how it performs.

I don’t have a clue where the belt tension should be on the Y-axis. I replicated the tension of the X-axis, which was factory set. But even from the factory, the Z-axis needed its screws tightened because it was creaking during autofocus. It still wobbles a bit during autofocus. I think the two metal columns that the laser head runs on might not be perfectly parallel.

Here are some videos with this issue but I don’t think the wavy material test patterns are causes by this.

Here it is Parsec

It still exists, but it’s not as obvious as on maple. The same speeds again (1000 - 4000).

Hello people.

Here is the answer from Atomstack on my problem


We noticed that your parameter settings are incorrect; they are closer to engraving parameters rather than cutting. Please adjust your settings according to the cutting parameters, lowering the speed and increasing the power. Refer to the attached 35W parameter settings for specific values.

As usual, support does not understand anything :slight_smile:

I didn’t really get it, are you talking about the waves that you can see inside the engraved area? Or the borders around it? The waves inside can also be the result of interference of speed / line thickness and laser frequency. And of course the structure of the material. So I wouldn’t call this a bad result from what I can see in the pictures.

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