Wavy output while engraving

trying to understand why I would some times get a distorted or wavy output when engraving. I am generating a somewhat complex diagram in Corel Draw then transferring it to Lightburn via pdf (flattened with text converted to curves). The lightburn file looks perfect. My first (this diagram - I’ve done lots of engraving) trial of the output was onto a piece of cardboard at 160mm/s, 10% power and using line output. This produced all sorts of misalignment, particularly of the text - my assumption was the speed (might) cause the head to loose position (?) so I reduced the speed to 100mm/s and repeated - getting a good output. Using the same settings I then engraved my plywood - and again got the wavy output - although not as bad as the very first case. It appears to be the text and the railroad ties that are the problem - horizontal and vertical lines look good.
Any ideas?

You likely have the acceleration set too high. Small paths with lots of sharp direction changes are the most likely to highlight issues with your settings.

Dyslexially, I saw ‘gravy output while waving’

Carry on.

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