We wobble when engraving small

Hi all thought I’d post in here,maybe not lightburn related. Was doing s sign for the sons bedroom and I noticed a line through engraving. It’s been happening on small items and at random,any ideas folks. Thanks

It appears to be the start of the laser firing is happening a little bit later than the normal timing.

I notice the width of the two spots where it happens are different.

Perhaps the computer you are using is underpowered or running periodic tasks? Are you using it at all? Windows or Mac?

Try shutting down everything you can and even disconnect it from the internet and try again.

It happens completely randomly, tho most on small objects. Pc running windows i5/8gig ram. Is this caused by interference? Or something else? Just trying to get my head round it

Check your rails, etc. for dirt.

It would be helpful to know what kind of laser controller you have. You don’t mention it in your post, and your profile doesn’t have the “Machines” section filled out.

Sorry folks I always leave these details out . I have a RDC644XS. 1800x1200 bed.Rails are spotless just double checked . As I said on smaller objects I am engraving its been happening :). Thanks for replying

How are you connected to the laser? USB, or Ethernet? Is that an image that was engraved, or is it just vector art? If it’s an image, what DPI was it run at?

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Connected through usb m8, was engraved at 600 dpi. But its happening with both vector and image engraving on small items. But not all the time lol. Its very random.

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