Welcome to our new forum!

This is a combination of exciting and terrifying - I tried a forum a while back, and it fell flat, but I genuinely feel it’s the best path forward for support, so I’m trying again.

The forum is brand new, so it might take a little while to fill in as we try to move people over.



Agree. People love facebook…, but this is the best way to get all the knowledge organized. . I hope it works this time. Let’s go!


Thanks for the invite, hope it all works out for everyone as LightBurn continues to progress with all of us supporting it as we all move forward ! Thank you for all of your hard work and for everything that you do !!!

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Great idea. It will be nice to have a single place to exchange information about LightBurn.

  • Are you going to allow users to create new Topics/Threads here?
  • Will there be outside moderators?
  • Do you have a set of standards for postings?

There will be a few moderators, initially Ray (C3D) and Rick, and probably a few others I know well and trust.

Users will be encouraged to create new threads for sure. For categories I’ll probably retain control of that, but will gladly take suggestions - I want the forum to be as much for the users as for myself, so feel free to comment on anything about the forum.

Standards will come. The basic “don’t be an ass” rule should be self evident, and beyond that, if asking for help I’d request that people include hardware config (controller, OS, firmware version if relevant) and LightBurn version number.


Congratulations on finally getting this up and running.

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Now I can delete my account in Facebook. The only reason I joined was for LightBurn


I have no idea who these people are.


So glad to see a LightBurn specific forum!!!

Excellent stuff.

Glad to see it in an area where users can reference points rather than searching FB.

Look forward to the next chapter.

This is a much better solution than FB. No idea what happened with the last attempt at a forum, but I really like this format, so thanks for setting it up!

The bulk of the credit for this goes to @raykholo - He’s proven himself many times to be a great asset, and helps me deal with a lot of behind the scenes things that I often don’t have time for, and Rick takes care of a lot of the support - the two of them free up a lot of dev time for me. Credit where due.


Hi, happy to be a part of this great program and forum.

Hello, and thank you for providing the new forum for a great software product.

Thanks for putting this together guys! Really looking forward to seeing this community grow.

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Whooo new forum!! It’s great there’s finally a forum to go with your snazzy software.

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This is the same forum software that the Inventables team setup for the X-Carve CNC. That is a very successful user forum that provides excellent support for X-Carve users. Many people would purchase an X-Carve based on the great support system provided through the forum.

So - thanks for using a forum platform that has a proven track record for working great.


Hi Ray, My name is Rick. Nice to meet you. :wink:


Oh man, it’s Rick James, B****!

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thanks for the forum

much better than FB

built the new lightburn camera into our new 1200 x 900 mm laser machine today. it’s a game changer!!