Weld picture and square in LB

Why can´t I weld 2 things in LB
I have one picture and one square
katt med vingar

i see only picture and not square, btw you can group them, but if that is an image maybe better you trace it before grouping with square.

i have not found how to trace the image in LB

Documentation would be a good place to start:


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select the image then left mouse click then trace image

This can be helpful as well,

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I´m sorry Rick, I don´t have trace image under tools
katt med vingar

And if I use Alt-T it only copy the image.
Can you take the image and try to make it in vector please

Shape 48_20220603_063157
Maybe this will work. Cheers!

-.Looks great, but when I import it or open it in LB it has double lines around it
Why it´s so ?
(sorry for my bad english, after all I´m a Swede :slight_smile: )

When you select it does it look like this?

Yes sir …

Sorry about the double lines. I used an app on my phone to convert it from a screenshot of your image to an SVG. I am at work and don’t have access to LightBurn to edit out the double lines unfortunately.

I understand sir
Let me know if you fixed it.

I believe if you un-group it, you should be able to delete the parts you don’t need. It may involve some node editing too. Hopefully someone will present a better option, as this is my current method, and it surely has room to be improved upon.

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This is odd. Menu item should be here:

You can also reach the Trace functionality by right-clicking the image.

Can you confirm if these options are available to you?

You’ll still need to address the situation with getting both the inside and outside lines of the shape as that is how trace functions.

Alternatively, using the Line Draw tool you could probably manually trace this image rather quickly once you’re accustomed to the tool although that would require some proficiency to work well.

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Yes, please confirm you do not see this option with an image selected.

When using the Trace Image in LightBurn, the resulting vectors will be a double line trace. We do not currently provide a center-line trace.

Griff Trace SVG
Is this more what you are looking for? Not sure what parts of the image you need for your project, but it seems like you just wanted an outline.

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