"Welding nodes" - after array copy of a line, how to convert it all to one line

I had created a single circle and outline for a piece. But because a tool I used doesn’t allow for thickness of material, I had to cut it all apart and circular-array-copy the changes (constraining edges to parallel and scaling the nodes to center by a type-in % would have worked too!)

Now I have a bunch of lines. This makes hundreds of fast movements on cut. I need to weld them back into one shape

Selecting two shapes that have nodes touching, cmd+w isn’t enabled. How to join to shapes back into one without having to go through the many nodes and drag one onto the other? Possible?


It’s “Edit → Auto-join selected shapes” - but you cannot select all parts, just one set of contiguous parts at a time, this is probably a good thing idk, but when I selected just each piece it let me join!

Thanks, all answered, can close

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