What a retiree does with a laser

I have done a lot of different things with my OMT 50w model. What pleases me most is inlay coasters, although they are difficult with nerve problems in my hands. I use wood from Ocooch Hardwoods in Wisconsin, they have a great selection of 1/4" base stock and 1/16" veneer for the inlay. Polycrylic, usually 4 coats, for the finish.

[I forgot to mention that the size of most of these is 4.25" and the wire in some of them is a square 12 gauge wire from Amazon.]


They look great!! :+1: :+1:

Those are very nice designs. Your inlay work looks fantastic!

VERY nice work Patrick! I’m experimenting with similar, also near retiring.

Those coasters are beautifully done. I’m just about to try out some ideas myself. As I also have some nerve & repetitive strain issues in my hands the laser promises to be a game changer. Glad to see the results you are getting!

lbeser: If you want a stepwise run down on how I do these, I will provide. Also, the Ocooch wood supplier has been a great source for wood.


yes, please, I would very, very, very much appreciate if you could tell me/us which settings you used. Thanks in advance.

Nice looking work! Are you offsetting for the laser’s kerf to get fit that tight?

I do use offset to make the inlay parts fit better. The frustrating thing is that the value can change for each base wood and inlay. Generally, I start with offsetting out by .004". then see how things fit so see. if I need adjust it.

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If you mean fill / line settings, those vary for each laser and each wood. So that would not help others much. I do usually offset outward the inlay pieces by .004". But, again, that changes for each wood I use.


They look fantastic! Well done you!

That looks wonderful. I would also appreciate a step-wise walk through. I’m not looking for laser settings though other than high level since I think those are machine/material dependent. For example, I’m doing something similar with walnut, purpleheart, and maple but I don’t use kerf adjustment. My inlay fits fine with only a slight black outline around the pieces and I actually like the effect it gives. Purpleheart seems very brittle at the thickness I’m using and I need small pieces. But it’s the only thing that gives me the color I want without resorting to dyes which I don’t want to do.

I’m more curious about your finishing and adhesive. I use a gel cyanoacrylate, sand down the surface at 400 grit, and then use shellac. I’m curious what you do and why.

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Excellent work! They look really great!

Nicely done, Patrick! I am just recently retired myself and would love a step-by-step also on how you make these beautiful inlaid coasters. Thank you

I will send you a step by step if you provide an email address. I have not found a way to upload a pdf to t his forum!

Thank you, Patrick! It is chuckwatson56@comcast.net. Thanks again!

Hey Patrick, one way, you can append .txt to the end of your file, which is allowed for upload here. :slight_smile:

And beautiful work, as we have become to expect from you. The execution shows your skills well. Thank you for your shares.

Here is the How-to file I have created. After downloading remove the .txt from the end of the .pdf file.
Inlays- how-I-do-it2.pdf.txt (751.2 KB)

I hope it is helpful.

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Fantastic, the coasters look great. Thank you for the step by step guide, very useful.
My next project !!


No puedo ver nada, ?