What am i doing wrong? (engraving & overshoot troubles)

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got my machine running fairly well but still needs a bit of tweaking…however, when i’m trying to engrave something, when i raise the speed, it still engraves at the same speed but swings further from the engraving point?? and when i set it to anything more than 250mm/s a second i get the “extend range” error despite it being in the middle of a 900x600 bed. If i slow it down to 50mm/s it engraves fine and has a short swing. The swing increases dramatically the higher i set the speed. Any ideas what settings to change? Using the Ruida controller.

(Anthony Bolgar) #2

W hat you are experiencing is called overscan, and it is a function that is built into the Ruida controller firmware, and can not be changed. Basically the faster you engrave the more space it needs to either get up to speed or decelerate before firing the laser. The issue oif not actually speeding up is most likely that the max speed ion the controller is set to around 250mm/s or there abouts (It may be higher but it is difficult to see the difference between 250 and 300). I would look to see what the max speed is set at.

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thanks for the info. I’ll check it in the morning and see what the max speed is in the settings.

(Oz) #4

The length of the overshoot is a function of both speed and acceleration. Much like a car, the faster you go, the longer it takes to get to that speed, and slow to a stop again. The max speed setting will be in the per-axis Vendor Settings in the Machine Settings in LightBurn, and the engraving acceleration is in the User Settings of the same window.

Increasing the acceleration will reduce the overshoot amount, but can introduce vibration, resonance, or lost steps, so make adjustments of about 20% at a time, then test, and back off if the results start to go off.

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Thanks again for your help. i’m working on it now so will let you know how i get on with it. Cheers

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