What am I doing wrong

Hello group I’m new to this and made a few test burns that came out great bit now something is going wrong. Please take a look at this picture and let me k ow what you think. I stopped the burn because the letters are not coming out right.
Thank you

In order to help we’ll need a bit more detail.

What type of laser do you have?

What control board does it use?

What were your LightBurn settings?

I’ll not be able to respond soon (it’s just after midnight here) but this may help others help you in the meantime!


What does the preview look like? Looks like you have an image on top of image. What program do you use to create this?

The “double image” ghosting at the edges suggests that you have mechanical looseness somewhere, assuming that was supposed to be a single image.

It looks like you have a J-Tech laser mounted on a CNC, so it doesn’t seem like it’s speed related. Check to make sure your belts are tight, the laser is mounted firmly and not wobbling, all your stepper pinions are snug and none of the set screws are loose, and so on.

And Chris is absolutely correct - LightBurn runs on a very broad range of laser setups, so knowing more detail about yours will help us narrow down solutions.