What am I doing wrong?

Hello guys,
I managed to import drawings of all kind, and to print them mainly on wood. Just got to learn the capacity of my laser, and adapt to the different kinds of wood.

I am now drawing an array of circles that I want to cut in black plexi, to insert screws.
I move the laser head around and position it (using the fire button - great job, nice feature!), but when I start the job nothing happens. On the console I get a message:
Starting stream
[MSG:Pgm End]
Stream completed in 0:00

There is something I am not getting. Do I have to convert my circles into some kind of vector drawing? I have positionned the origin to left bottom, and got the postion 0,0. All the holes are in the +,+ quadrant. Circles diameter is 2.5 mm and they appear a bit light on the layer, the circle line is almost transparent.

Thanks in advance,!

Do you have the layers you want set to output? IE is the box checked next to it?

I tried unchecking, and checking again the print box. Won’t work.

There’s not enough information here to help you sort this out. Can you show a screen shot of the file you’re trying to run? Are your circles just an image that you imported? If so, they’d only engrave, not cut, and if the image is very light or partially transparent, that might explain the results.

But i print lots or imported drawings. Just won’t work if i use my own drawings with circles and squares

Ok i will send screen shots and files

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