What are these two buttons on the NEJE

I’m new to all this so I am not much help. But appreciate the help

Him and me, curious about what the button do…

If there is no response from the controller when you press them…?


Actually everything works right, I just wanted to know what the lights meant and what the two buttons are for?

Buttons we’ve established. Not sure about the lights for that controller. I assume one is for power. The other might be for USB connection indicator. They’re also likely multi-purpose indicators. This may be in the documentation that came with the laser.

Others on this forum may be familiar with your specific controller.

Are these grbl?

On my grbl, pressing the buttons at anytime after boot will give an Alarm 1

I thought he states he presses the buttons and nothing happens…?

This is not true with my Ruida, once booted, it doesn’t ever look at the limit switches again.


Neje uses GRBL and I think also some proprietary controller concurrently for their internal software and wireless.

Not sure but it’s possible that hard limits is not enabled.

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