What camera do I need?

Hello again. :sweat_smile:

I just bought the sculpfun extention for my 20 watt laser. Now if bin looking for a camera that should be good for my bedside here on the forum. Only I can’t find my bed size anywhere only smaller. My laser bed is about 90x90 cm now. Is there ore can someone help me find a suitable camera? So I can use this awesome future in lightburn? I loved the smaller bedsize that mutch! But was restricted by size. Never got to a camera jet. I was thinking to buy the sculpfun one. But now the bed is way bigger so that’s not a option any more. So every tip trick and ofcours camera advice would be more than welcome… And I think this is the best place to ask. Because my first problem was solved in the first awnser last time. Talking about the knowledge you guys have here.

Hoop you guys can help me out again.

Regards Ian Hopkins.

The larger the workspace the higher resolution you need. So in terms of a 900x900 workspace, choose a 4k or higher resolution camera. The type doesn’t matter, it needs to be recognized as webcam. You need to mount it quite high, since wide angle is bad for quality. I guess you should mount it about 100 mm above your workspace.

Though, my personal opinion is that you should not go that way. Here’s why:

  • the camera feature is nice for small projects, but the larger it is, the more inaccuracies will occur. You will be disappointed by the quality achieved.
  • usually, manual alignment is faster and more precise than the camera (camera is a gimmick, not a tool)
  • if you still want to use a camera for small projects, use a smaller area for the camera and use the large workspace without.

I described how the last option will work here: Using a camera with a diode laser - Diode Laser Wiki


Melvin thank you for you awnser. I do stil think I will look in to it. Making it a option to use it for smaller projects like for example the original laser bed. So I can use my waist pieces.