What causes these lines

Near the top of the image is almost like an offset of the outer perimeter. What can cause this?

Not certain but a couple of possibilities:

  1. your DPI settings are too high or too low and causing artifacts to show.
  2. your power settings are too high and you’re not just removing the coating but actually marking the stainless steel.

Thanks for the quick response. My dpi is 254. Power is 85% engraving tumblers. Will a neje N40360 laser etch stainless?

I will run tests lowering my power first.

Again thanks for the pointers

You could test for this on a clean piece of stainless. I suspect it would at least discolor if not a clean “etch”. Diode lasers won’t do a genuine etching but can mark stainless regardless.

I adjusted power lower and works much much better, im not sure how min power works, but i have it set to the same as max power now too, no artifacts showed up.

Glad that worked for you.

Are you burning this as a grayscale image? If not, min power will have no effect at all. If you are on grayscale min power sets the minimum floor of power used for pure white.

Are you on an older version of LightBurn?

I am using version 1.0.04

I think that version still mistakenly allowed changes to min power even if it did not do anything for non-grayscale operations.

But in any case, other than for grayscale min power can be safely ignored.

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