What do I get extra with C3D controller over Nano?

I have a home built 50W CO2 using a 3 axis eleksmaker Mana contoller running GBRL 1.1F. Cutting area is 1000mm x 650mm. I also have a rotary using the Z axis of the Mana so I don’t need to disconnect the Y axis. I would need to maintain this feature. I also have two Y motors and currently have modified the mana board with a driver for each motor,also a feature that I would like to keep so that I can keep max current for each motor, unless the C3D board can provide 2 amps to each motor. So…It’s not a production tool yet, but it might be one day. It works well enough, but I know there are speed limitations with the Nano 8bit processor. So what advantages, other than an increase in processing speed does the well recommended C3D controller give me? And what C3D controller is recommended? Is it worth the upgrade?

Thanks very much


The Cohesion3D LaserBoard has built in Trinamic stepper drivers for super smooth and quiet motor performance, native support for a Z Table and Rotary attachment, the ability to hook up a screen, and comes with a power supply included to power for the best performance. The included PSU is 24v so running a 12v diode laser module requires a bit more wiring work to use, I can direct you to resources for this.

32 bit at 120mhz means it is quite literally 6 times faster than the processor on your Arduino based controller.

For Dual Y you can slave 2 stepper drivers on the board by switching 3 jumper shunts.

I run Cohesion3D. The LaserBoard is the only controller that we sell.