What does [MSG:Pgm End] mean and how can I fix it

This just started today…I am a new user…When I try to frame a project, this comes up on the console, with the blaring alarm: [MSG:Pgm End] someone asked this question in December and got no answers.
I can’t find it anywhere in the Lightburn documents.
I have reset and re-booted etc.
I am on an X Tool DS1 Pro.
Any help would be appreciated.

According to the GRBL doc, that’s the “end of program” message:

[MSG:Pgm End] - M2/30 program end message to denote g-code modes have been restored to defaults according to the M2/30 g-code description.

The LinuxCNC doc, which is basically the GRBL G-Code reference, describes the M2 and M30 commands.

So, unless the XTool folks have something weird going on, the set of G-Code commands doing the framing end with one of those commands (likely M2) and all is well.

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