What does power mean?

I’ve just started using light burn and am curious to learn the terms so sorry if this is a silly question! Does power mean the amount of electricity it uses? And does it matter or cost more for higher power on the electric bill?

Thank you.

It depends. If you are talking about what you plugged into the wall outlet, the answer is yes and yes.

If you are talking about the PWR labels in Lightburn, this is the relative amount of power the laser is putting into the burn. Changing this will not result in much change in your electric bill.

If you use the data on your machine, compute kilowatts, how long you use it and the price per kilowatt, it might cost you 30 cents to run it a few days a week over a years time…

The power on lasers is always a percentage of maximum power. There is no reason for the machine control board to know how powerful your laser is, it references it control voltage as a percentage.

In simple terms deepening on how it’s wired. At 50% power, a co2 should cause your tube to produce 50% of whatever it’s maximum (set on the lps). Whereas a dpssl (diode) will generally be turned off and on at the given percentage rate, know as PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

Simple answer is I wouldn’t worry about it… it’s not costly and you can compute it if you wish and know exactly what it’s costing you an hour to run it…

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For what it’s worth…

Ortur Laser Master 3, 10 Watt

Electricity Consumption (Watts)
Off (power converter drawing power) = .12W
On (idle) = .70W
Framing = 18W
Engraving 100% Power = 47Watts

I thinkmyounswapped a couple:
On (idle) = .47W
Framing = 18W
Engraving 100% Power = 70Watts
I dont think Laser On will use less power than Idle.

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