What file types are necessary to allow cutting Vs. engraving?

Greetings! Pardon the newb question here but I am trying to import an svg (tried a png as well) to cut through, however, when I put the image in LB, my only available option is to engrave. It is a very simple image of a sequence of simple shapes so it is nothing too complicated but I want it to cut! Any help is super appreciated!

It’s probably because of the way the svg was created and may not have shapes that are connected up.
It always helps to drop the lbrn2 file and the source for us to look.

I don’t know what you want to ‘cut’, maybe an image would help. I have some svg files that only load as an image and I use various ways to engrave, but not to cut them…


Thy the trace image function on the SVG.

Is your “image” a vector graphic or a bitmap image? The SVG format could contain either.
If it’s a bitmap image then you’ll need to trace it before you can cut it.

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