What happed to the Rotary button?

I just ruined a cup because I did not enable the rotary axis in the software. But in my defense, the button is not where it used to be.

Where is the Enable Rotary option now in the newest version of the code?

It used to be in the laser section, but not anymore. I have looked all over and have not found it yet.


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It was made optional because quite a few people were hitting it accidentally, ruining work. :slight_smile:

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Was that listed in the release notes? I do not remember seeing it.

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Yep I missed it. Maybe it should point out that the new default is to not show the rotary button.

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No one actually reads these things anyway. It’s mostly for me to point at after the fact to say, “see? I did tell you.” :slight_smile:


Sorry to disappoint you, Oz, but I actually do read them… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(It’s a mix of curiosity and professional deformation. Being a TAM I have to know about new stuff in our products before my customers ask me about it!)

That doesn’t mean I don’t miss stuff in the release notes though… Happens quite regularly, unfortunately, that I either miss it, or forget reading about it! :joy:

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