What happened to my Lock icon and Width/Height settings next to Lock icon?

I don know what happened to my Lock icon and ability to click on mm/in options below menu bar?

Click the bar directly to the right of the “>>” indicator, then drag the bar to the right until the missing tools are visible again.

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I tried that and it isn’t working?

To confirm, you are grabbing the vertical striped bar to the right of the “>>”?


If that doesn’t work, go to Window->Rest to default layout and that should get you back to the default state.

At first this did not seem to work so I reset my computer…Walla! Thanks sooooo much.

Off Topic…what happens if I click the bell with the exclamation point?

Are your referring to something in the forum website? If so, this might be the notification letting you know something has been addressed to you. Clicking it will bring you to your notifications.

If this is something else can you elaborate where you’re seeing this?

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