What happened to the Galvo Release?

May i kindly ask what happened to the Release of Lightburn for Galvo?

If my Calendar doesn’t lie today is the 30th of June 2022, or am i wrong? :wink:
The Download page still only offers Version 1.1.04.

Can you please at least communicate if the Release was delayed, or, if not, where to find it?

They are probably all still asleep, the day is young :wink:

You might be right, i didn’t take European DST into account, but i thought they would set that up automatically, being a Software company. At Least a notice. :upside_down_face:

I bet they already get flooded with requests…

I see some people saying a 1pm EDT drop time. Not sure if that is accurate or not, however.

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Well, finally i got the download and Boy! I am so Amazed!
What a beautiful piece of Software ! :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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We started about 30mins early,

Very kind. I’ll make sure to share these nice comments with the wizards behind the curtain. Thank you! :slight_smile:

With pleasure! I am absolutely flashed right now. :star_struck:

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