What I see on screen is not what I got

Running Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro, latest Lightburn. Burning a PNG image with an added border around outside edge of image. 10° scan angle for PNG image and flood fill for border. Sized ID of border rectangle to fit image then added 3/4” to dimensions for a 3/8” border, checked center with center alignment tool. On screen all looks perfect, did border first then image which ends up skewed to frame. Top of image overlaps border by at least 1/8th”.
Picture shows space growing from right to left, a screen shot, then a picture of the top overlap. This is all done in one continuous burn, no home cycle. Frame and gantry are square.
What happened? Where did I go wrong.

I have the problem fixed. A new firmware was released a few months ago that addressed this issue. Seems the conversion from millimeters to inches was creating a compounding error causing the image to skew. Loaded the new firmware also changed to millimeters, image is perfect.


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