What if resize slots in selection doesn't work

good afternoon, I would like to adjust the size of the material from 3 to 4 mm, but it does not work with this circle, how can I adjust it?

groetjes Ronald

The 3 lines that comprise each slot should be straight lines, and the slot width should not be tapered.

Sprocket.lbrn (34.8 KB)

Thank you very much
how did you do that

Rebuilt it based off of your picture and scaled it so the slots were 3mm

okay thanks
is there also a way to enlarge the locks at the arrow and not the other 2 (there are 20 holders)

You should attach the LBRN file here so it can be looked at. The slot resizer can absolutely do what you’re asking, as long as the slots are well formed.

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houder.lbrn2 (15.7 KB)
here is a file with 1 holder,
I manage to change all 4, but I only want to do 2 and am looking for a solution for that

That’s unfortunately not supported - you’ll probably need to edit them manually if you don’t want to do them all. That said, you could just alter the two that you want to keep, so LightBurn can’t “find” them.

Use the Corner Radius tool, set the radius value to something very small, like 0.1mm, and alter one of the inner corners:


If I zoom in, that corner now has a slight rounding to it:


That shouldn’t be enough to affect the final assembly, but it will prevent the Tab/Slot resizer from working on that slot.

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Okay thanks for the tip, I’ll do it this way
greetings Ronald

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