What is best format for picture


I’m going to engrave 12 bottle openers at the same time, sometimes with different pictures/logos.

I’ve made a template on a wooden board.

My question is, what is the best format to have the on the pictures I’m going to put on each opener?

I think the background on the pictures must be transparent so I can place them in the middle of the circle.
Anyone who can point me in the right direction?

And is my template in lightburn looking ok?
Or should I do something different to make it easier?

Thanks in advance

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That picture, is it a photograph or a drawing? (image or vector file?)
Your template must be able to be placed 100% correctly, i.e. reproducible on your workbed otherwise you will not be able to hit the individual items again.
I have a similar template but have chosen to cut out the items completely, so I do not have to fine-tune each individual item. On my machine there is also a physical stop on the bet where I place my template very easily and precisely.

I usually download the logo/picture and saves it as png. og jpeg.
Should i convert it to a vector file?

I know about the template.
The square frame around the circles lines up when I run “Frame”, and then i’m ready to go.
I will make something on the wooden plate so the feet on the laser fits perfect. Will lock it in position.

It depends on the content itself and whether it can be converted. For relatively simple motifs, saving time is also an important factor.
(the settings are probably not 100% optimized but roughly reflect the reality)

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Having tried that setup, I would suggest doing them as singles for several reasons.
First, the multiple setup will tempt you to walk away and let it run unattended - Don’t do it!
Second, as others have noted, alignment must be PERFECT. That takes time & practice.
Third, there is a considerable amount of dead time/travel between parts. It is likely faster to do each part,
Fourth, a simple part can be loaded / unloaded quickly,
In the end, it is likely faster, safer, and more accurate to do them singly.

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