What is better for cutting 3 mm birch; 1 or 2 passes

What is better for cutting 3 mm birch veneer.
1 pass of speed 90 and power 100% or.
2 passes of speed 180 and power 100%
I use Slulpfun 9 with air

Which does the best job of cutting?


Is that the criteria?
There is no generel advise in settings ?
Running the laser at 100% power is no problem?

Laser modules and tubes are consumables…

Both of the options you supplied have 100% power … so didn’t make a comment about it…

Depends how you look at things. Most of us with co2 never run 100% and most don’t do 90%. There is a detrimental effect on the gases and shortens the tubes life. This is generally because of the heat generated and it also detrimental to solid state lasers.

Also keep in mind that when it lases, it lases at 100% power. The power setting of 50% means it’s lasing 100% for half the time, not that you actually have 50% power out of the laser.

Lots of people run their led lasers at 100% and I’m sure it shortens the life, how much is probably debatable. Most things aren’t really intended for 100% maximum operation. I don’t use anything that I have continuously at 100% of it’s potential, car, oven, spouse…

This is a machining operation. As you noticed, it does the job with either setting and probably many settings in between. Somewhere in there there is a speed and power that will give you the best results, less burning and a better looking result.

This varies between lasers and materials, so there is nothing except once in the ballpark make more minor adjustments…

In all probability your settings will change with changes in humidity, temperature, materials and it’s source…

As a general rule when cutting move as fast as possible with the most power… most power usually means what maximum power you are comfortable with. I rarely run my co2 over 80% and the led over 90%.

Wish I could give you a magic answer… :thinking:

Good luck


Thanks alot Jack.
I will go down to 90% power and find the speed from there.
As I understand from your nice answer, there could be an idea in using 2 passes, to get higher speed and less scorching.
From now on, I will use 90% power, 2 passes and calculate the speed from that.
Again, thanks alot
greetings from Copenhagen

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No perspiration…

I hate to say there is not a simple way of getting it the best without some trial and corrections…

Good luck


I’ve created libraries for various woods by running the LB material test:

Laser Tools → Material Test

You can create a grid of small squares to cut with a range of speeds, power, and #passes.
On the popup panel you want to select the “Edit Material Setting” and use “line” versus “fill” to jus have cuts. You also select the number of passes here.
Run the test with a range of settings until you fine one that cuts out the square with minimal scorching.

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