What is happening over night?

Hi, I run fine one day, shut everything down… and the next day I can not connect??? What is going on?

Windows update is my guess.

Sorry, on a MacBookPro

There’s a thread with a beta version of the next version which might work better. look for 0.9.24 and try that.

Thanks Doug, I will see if I can find it…

Maybe post to that thread your results as I think they are looking for feedback on Mac connectivity specifically. Just found the forum thread - Updated to 0.9.23 and cannot send jobs to laser - #74 by LightBurn

We have released a patch for the issues raised, and announced here:

Please try that and then post your feedback to the thread @DougL shared so we can track any new issues, but this update should resolve this issue.

Well… it happed again today… just when I thought I was done waisting time… Im about fed up with this… I guess I just have to leave my laser on 24-7 so I don’t lose connection??? What should I do now…

Are you connecting with USB? You shouldn’t - MacOS includes a driver that is known to conflict with the one used by the Ruida, and it can result in the port locking up. Get the $30 Ethernet adapter from Apple and run a network cable from the Mac to the laser. It’s not horrible to set up, it avoids the driver issues, and it transfers about 3x faster too.

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