What is meant by the "series" of a laser?

When I look at Cloudray’s site and browse their focal tubes, I see they are labeled as C series, E series, T series, etc. What does that mean? I tried asking Cloudray but they didn’t understand my question.

It’s just like it is on cars (especially, for example, brands like Mercedes and BMW) - usually different levels of quality and cost. And typically it will denote whether or not sub-components will work together… for example a C series tube won’t likely work with an E series lens or whatever.
As to how they are actually differently you’d have to just pull up their spec sheets side by side.

I just went and looked at them, they are for different heads. each of them is a different diameter,

C - 24mm outer diameter, 20mm lens
E - 25mm outer diameter, not clear on lens, has a 22mm ID
T - 20mm outer diameter, 20mm lens ( it is wider at the lens mount )

If you are getting a spare, measure your existing tube or measure the hole it slides into.

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I was actually looking at the new adjustable head that Russ designed. Says it’s for a C series which is what really prompted my question. Didn’t know if the series referred to a specific type of machine and wasn’t sure if it was simply the tube diameter they were referring to.

Why do you want to have the adjustable head Russ designed? (just curious)

If you complete all your beam alignment but the laser isn’t entering the 3rd mirror at the proper place this makes it easily adjustable.

ah of course… I saw that episode.
Hoewever… I assumed… once aligned correctly… it is set.

It seems odd to me any machine is that far out of whack. Most alignment is in the first and second mirrors.

If you want to use that bracket, seems all you need to do is buy a C series head which should also have the tube and nozzle.

Mine’s not that far out. But making minor adjustments is a pain. Was really just curious what all these “series” were.

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