What is the correct setting to evenly burn a line

I’ve noticed that lines do not cut evenly, that is, there seems to be more power applied at the beginning and end of the cut. The center portion of the cut may not cut completely. This became very evident while trying to determine settings for sixteenth inch craft foam. The photo shows the backside of a Superman logo I’m trying to cut. The ends of the line cut cleanly - the foam itself cut very easily, but there’s a portion of the line that is different. A photo of the laser’s machine settings is also shown. Is there a setting on this page that could be changed to make a consistent cut?
Hopefully I’ve explained my problem well enough that the basic issue can be understood. If not, please let me know and I’ll add whatever is necessary.
Along these same lines, no pun intended, the laser seems to cut in pulses, leaving a “ridged” cut. Is there any way to smooth the pulsing to make the cut edge smoother?
Thank you.

Any thoughts on this? I’d like to be able to consistently cut foam to help the grandchildren with a project. Thank you

I’m still having a problem with this. Does anyone have a suggestion or know what needs to be changed to consistently cut a line?
Thank you.

Post the LBRN file or show the settings for this job as a starting point.

Superman for foam.lbrn2 (28.7 KB)
Attached is the simple file for the cut I was trying to make. The material is a hobby foam, about 1/16" thick. It’s very easy to cut, hence the low power, 9% at 200 mm/sec. But, I’ve had this problem with numerous materials of varying powers. When the laser comes out of the curves and goes straight, the laser speeds up significantly and doesn’t burn through. The machine settings were attached to the original post.
Thank you.

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