What is the issue with other cameras

What is the work around for getting a 5mp USB camera bought on line to be recognized by Lightburn?
It looks the same as the one sold by Lightburn but will not appear on the list of cameras available when I try to set it up in Lightburn. Hope there is some way to get it to work.

I bought a camera from LightBurn and it works but this one was cheaper and looked the same so I wanted it for my smaller Diode laser engraver.

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Is this on the same computer as your existing LightBurn camera, or a different one? Windows 7 requires the installation of a UVC driver to access modern webcams, so if it’s a different computer, that could be all it is.

The framework we build LightBurn on provides a camera library, but it’s limited and doesn’t allow choosing the camera resolution. You can try changing the “Camera Capture System” from “custom” to “default” in the settings, and that might or might not work better for you.

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