What is the tool chain for outside offset only of a picture

I have a picture that I wanted to do an offset trace to cut out. Unfortunately, I was unable to figure out if LB was able to do this.
I imported a bitmap and did a trace image. I then applied scan mode. When I tried to do an offset, it would offset both inside and outside of the object. I would like to only offset the perimeter to cut out the entire object. Is this possible?


The “Offset Shapes” function has dialog options for Outward, Inward or Both. Sounds like you have “Both” selected.

If you trace an image, you’ll get the entire thing traced, and if the result is multiple shapes, they’re grouped. Un-group the result, delete the stuff you don’t want, then offset the remaining curve.


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Only the out was selected.

That is what I thought. I just was curious if there was an easier method.
Thanks as always for the quick response.

I have a longer term plan to add a mechanism for selecting which outlines to keep from within the capture dialog, and having a “clip rectangle” for use with the bed capture, but it’ll take a bit to add that.

What about a quick fill? You could fill, then outline, then delete the fill.