What is this and what can I replace it with?

Do you know of something cheaper?( Yes, I know, thats how I got here)
That cost is real close to what paid for the complete machine.

There’s a fallacy in that. I do industrial automation and sometimes a customer will want me to do upgrades or repairs to a manufacturing machine, sometimes one they purchased used. Sometimes I’ll tell them what it will cost to put the machine right and they’re hesitant, based on the ratio with the cost of what they paid for the machine used. “I picked up the machine used for $5K, how can you charge me $20K to put it in order??” But that actually makes no sense. If they paid $10K for a used machine, is it reasonable to assume that it will need more or less work to be in good condition than a similar machine that went for $50K used? Obviously more.

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This is awesome software at a reasonable price. I can’t thank you enough for this community that you have set up. I believe you have the attitude that a rising tide lifts all boats and we are all in this together. I have found this forum and your company a top notch business. Keep up the great work and let’s do this as a community that get along (like you stated).

So thank you again.

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