What is wrong (settings)?

What is wrong (settings) ?
Ortur 15w Diode Laser

Why are you using pass-through? If you’re using external tools to process the image then none of the shape properties for the image will have any effect.

It might be out of focus - 19% power for a diode is quite low, so my guess is that for the smallest shading dots you’re not heating the wood enough to char it.

Check that your beam is focused to the smallest point you can. I’d just try the original image using Grayscale, Min Power set to 1%, Max Power set to 50%, and speed around 2000mm/min.

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I have no original picture, it is a finished *.lbrn file.

You downloaded the predator as an LBRN file?

Yes, FaceBook Group.

I’m not used to seeing images shared in that format, that’s all. Because the file is set to pass-through, it means you can’t adjust the DPI or interval settings, change the dithering, or anything else. If the creator has the same kind of laser as you that wouldn’t matter.

I would still check to make sure your are focused as well as you can be - Diode lasers are quite sensitive to good focus.

Min Power cannot be activated, why?

It only works with grayscale, and pass-through is assumed to be 1-bit (on/off) pre-dithered images, which is what you have, from looking at the image you showed. If you zoom in on that, it’s just going to be black & white dots.

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