What shows in Lightburn position wise is not what I get when burned

I have a K40 Mini with a C3D board running Smoothie. I am trying to figure out what is going on and why what I set in lightburn with regards to position comes out different when burned.

I realize this will take some explaining, photos and the file so here goes: I have created a four up layout for coasters and the coasters have a simple border very close to the edge of the coaster.
In Lightburn I have used the red layer to show the outside edge and the approximate safe area of the coaster. I select the outside line on each coaster, using cut selected to cut the cardboard jig in my K40, this way I know exactly where the coasters will register when I begin my burn.

I am providing both the file and a photo for reference. The problem I am having is that even though everything is precisely centered on my layout and the jig is cut from that, my border is offset towards the top when burned.

I have tried manually shifting the four coasters and its a mess, can anyone tell what may be wrong here?

Offset Issue 4 Up.lbrn2 (16.4 KB)

Thank you in advance for any help!

What is your ‘start from’ and ‘job origin’?

You probably need to ensure you are in absolute coordinates in the start from…

How did you make the template?


Hi Jack,

I’ll check that as soon as I get back to the shop and post back.

The template jig was cut from cardboard, the cardboard size fits perfectly in the work area on top of another piece of cardboard that sits on top of my honeycomb bed.

I did this because I needed to get the maximum work area I could to accommodate the four coasters on the K40 mini. After cutting the cardboard to fit and setting it in the machine, I cut the cardboard from The LightBurn file (red coaster outer edge) to insure proper registration of the coasters when I pop them into place for the burn :fire:

I hope this makes sense

I think I follow… I use this type of jig system.

12" square mirror…

You are using absolute coordinates?

I’m not familiar with that machines controller. I looked at the artwork, but don’t see anything, it previews ok.


Nice Jigs Jack!

I need to add your access ears to my Jigs, I have been using a ring of tape on my finger to pull my coasters out after they are finished which has been working but I like your idea better.

I just checked and I do have it set to absolute coordinates. :+1:t3:

I replaced the honeycomb with rolled sheet steel. Marked the holes with the laser and drilled them on the drill press. You can see it in the first picture.

I just cut ‘tight’ m3/m4 screws through them to go into the holes. Cut the holes, put in the screws (pins) and then cut the jig out.

Good luck

Have fun


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