What single line font do you recommend?

I’ve been using a single-line font for a while now that I downloaded from somewhere. I believe it’s called OLFModA.

It’s a nice, plain font, but I have to write my text, break apart, delete duplicates, then join selected shapes to put it all back together again. If I don’t go through this procedure, each letter is cut twice.

So, is there a single-line font I can use that is just that…all single lines?

Thank you.

I would suggest using SHX fonts, as they are not “faked” single line fonts like most TTF / OTF based “single line” fonts. TTF and OTF fonts are required to be closed shapes, so they have to have a “return line” - basically everything is a line in one direction and then the opposite line coming back.

SHX fonts are actual single line vector fonts, and they’re supported in the more recent versions of LightBurn.

I’ll check that out. I’ll let you know the result.

Thanks Oz! :slight_smile: