What "UNIT/GRID" setting are you using?

I have 1300x900mm laser machine, with 80W laser tube. (Chinese Machine)

My question is what unit or grid is more preferable to be used on engraving.

This is my current setting



“80W laser tube”, “Ruida 644XS”. This indicates you have a CO2 based laser system. Choose one of those.


Thanks, my next question is:

What is the ideal setting for engraving? base on the mm/sec

I am not able to answer your question. You have not said what you are wanting to engrave. You have not said what you want to engrave on. You may need to clarify your question.

If there where an “ideal setting” there would not be much of a need for software allowing adjustment to settings. There would be just one setting, the “ideal” one.

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