What would be the best diode laser for a GRBL 1.1 version

Okay so I’m looking for a diode laser that can replace my junky China laser that shorted out my GRBL Board and I believe it’s shorted as well so I’m looking for a laser that’s not China made :joy:. Here’s a picture of the GRBL Board and it’s voltages

here’s the power supply that I have as well. Zyltech 12V 30A 360W power supply PSU for 3D Printer CNC Arduino Reprap etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciate!

Hey @LightBurn I’m looking at replacing my cheap China laser and was wondering what you think about this laser :thinking: here’s a picture of this brand, I was told to look into this kind, I just want a second opinion

I’m trying to avoid getting junk but I honestly don’t know what would be the best option, I do have a power supply so if a laser requires that it won’t be a issue. So if you suggest a different laser regardless of the price I’ll take what you’re saying into very serious consideration. Thanks :blush:

I got my 7W laser from J Tech Photonics.

Works well with LightBurn on my X-Carve. Also excellent support .

Is it compatible with GRBL 1.1 version? Wow the price :flushed: the price difference is huge from that website to everything you see on eBay :joy:

Almost $700 vs $180 :rofl: at least I can plainly see it’s a U. S. Company and no China laser :joy: anyone else thoughts on this laser or any other laser, I would like to know all my options thanks

I’m very interested in that company you sent the link too @PMJ as those lasers look like they would do the job, I just need to know if they’re able to be ran off of GRBL 1.1, and just a side note my CnC cost me less than $200 :joy: the 7 Wat laser I’m looking at would be $700 that’s kinda funny

Yes, I know they are expensive. I saw the Chinese units and decided on J Tech because they had a kit that included everything and fit on my X-Carve CNC.

The controller on the CNC runs GRBL 1.1f, which is the version that supports lasers.

Hope this helps.

So this board should be able to handle the laser?

here’s my machine it has a 6.125 by 8 cutting area

I can’t tell you for sure… I would say if your controller runs GRBL 1.1f or higher, or you are able to upgrade its firmware to it you should be OK. You would probably also want the controller to support PWM to control the power of the laser.

I would suggest you get in contact with Jay at J Tech and he’ll be able to tell you for sure. You can find him through the Contacts page on the website.

Consider one of these. Built in the US and warranteed.

Ok thanks, I’ll definitely look into that and any others that other people might post here, how thick of wood can the 7 wat cut? As I’m looking at doing a lot of wood work. Thanks

Okay thanks I’ll look into this as well!! What’s the thickest thing you cut out? As I’m looking at doing a lot of cutting out. Thanks again

Now that laser that I posted up :point_up_2: in the text the guy got back with me here’s a picture of what he said, does anyone know if what he’s saying is true?

I just watched the video on the laser, 3/16 isn’t bad at all, perfect for projects, my question is does it need a driver? It does appear to need one. My GRBL Board has a 12-24 dc power sores for the laser so it appears that I should be able to just plug it into my little CnC mini mill. Again I’m just looking at the moment, if anyone else wants to share their brand of laser with me feel free to do so :blush: it will help give me a bigger range to choose from!! Thanks

I don’t have one of his lasers but I’ve been looking at them to replace the 3 watt I have on my Emblaser. I don’t do much cutting other than veneers an cardstock. I’m mostly engraving with my unit.
Matteo is a member on the Diode Laser Engraving FaceBook group and posts there occasionally. I trust him and when I do decide to upgrade I’ll get one of his units.

Okay so it can even engrave? I thought that can only be done with co2 laser? I’m just asking, see I’m very new to all this and I’m just going off of videos.

This laser can engrave just fine on a multitude of materials and cut some, depending on thickness and color. You might have to go pretty slow and use multiple passes to cut through thicker materials. Again, I refer you to J Tech’s website:

You will be well served to look at the pages there, there is a wealth of information available.
Their lasers are available in several powers levels and also sold as kits with drivers, cables and power supplies.

Diode lasers engrave quite well. These logos on Maple breaboards took 5 minutes each with my 3 watt laser.

Hey man thanks a ton, I’ll definitely keep this one on my list, I just realize though that this laser is almost as big as my CnC itself :joy: my gantry travel in X is only 6.25 inches and the Z mount is only 1.25 inch wide, which is way too small for that laser, but I do plan on building me a CnC machine once I get a better understanding of how CnC and programming works. Do you know of anything else that’s smaller?Thanks again man, I’ll keep this saved to my note pad!!