What would my power settings be if

I’ve got a little riddle for everyone or question. If I’m running apart at 20% power and go into the move tab and lower the power by 50%. What is my power?

I assume you mean by using the power override.

I believe there is some configurability in the firmware for how this is interpreted but if you’ve reduced power by 50%, then this should be interpreted at 50% of programmed power. So in this case since your programmed power was 20% I believe this should leave you at 10% in terms of absolute power.

I come up with the same answer. But I changed the power to 10% and run it and I do not get the same results as if I do it the other way. So that tells me that there’s some little factor we’re missing on the power. Like maybe what is 100% power for your machine? Does that make sense?

All power settings will be relative to your own machine.

If you’re looking for an exact power match it may not be that straightforward. Changes to speed and power during a run I believe are subject to GRBL variable power scheme. For example, slowing down the speed I believe will also reduce power to match.

Try retesting both sides of the experiment while using “Constant Power Mode”. Not sure but perhaps that will make it more predictable.

You’re absolutely correct. If you turn down the speed it does affect the power. But if you turn down the power it doesn’t affect the speed. You could be correct on the GRBL control. That’s why I’m asking the question maybe someone in here knows.

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