What's the purpose of Object Diameter and Circumference Settings?

I’m just curious what are these settings in Rotary setup are for? I know I don’t really need them, as steps per rotation and Roller Diameter is technically what is needed for controller to calculate rotational distance. I suspect it some sort of safeguard so user doesn’t try to engrave image larger than object?
Main reason for this question is I’m writing documentation for my PiBurn rotary and these settings confused me as I don’t have these in RDWorks and still able to engrave… Thanks!

They’re just there to help you figure out the proper job length for a ‘full wrap’. If you enter the object diameter, LightBurn will do the math for you to figure out the circumference of the object, so you know the length of the Y axis for the job. They aren’t needed.


Maybe not needed to some but defensibly a really nice feature to have!

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