Wheels: Are they a problem? Also: How tall is your laser?

OK, a couple of oddball questions. My DSP1060 didn’t come with a stand. For some reason it DID come with casters but since the machine is about 23" high, I don’t want to have to kneel on the floor to use it. Fortunately I have a welder and a supply of steel tubing and I can fabricate something simple fairly easily.

So, first question: Are wheels detrimental to the operation of the laser? I have a small pick-and-place machine with a similar X/Y gantry setup and it’s quite insistent on having a stable base - and I’ve even seen someone use a cast concrete top on their custom steel stand to dampen movement. It’d be nice to be able to wheel the machine around easily, but not if it means sacrificing accuracy. (No, I don’t expect to scoot it around the shop all the time, but changing overhead lights with these stupidly high ceilings requires renting a scissor lift and driving it around and there’s always stuff to move out of the way.)

Next question: Assuming you have a stand, how high does your machine sit? I’m too lazy to make adjustable height legs so I’m hoping to get this right on the first try. It’s on a table right now that’s too tall, so as a test I’m standing on different things to see what feels right, but it’s hard to find a balance between feeling like the machine is too low, and having trouble reaching the lid when it’s open all the way. Though I might just put some kind of stop on the lid to keep it from getting out of reach.

My Chinese black+red 5070 comes standard with wheels. Sofar I haven’t seen a negative effect. I think it’s all about the momentum created when moving the axes. There is not much weight on these lasers to create big momenta.
It would be different on a CNC router with a heavy and spinning spindle or a robotic arm where much more force is applied and much more weight, especially in the head area, is more or less rapidly moved.