When a power supply fails?

150 watt tube 200 hours never above 40% power supply black box from cloudray 150/180 watt
When the supply fails does it look anything like in the picture it was working yesterday today not so good.
What you see is 10mm/40%pwr 3mm birch it use to cut it no problem now it just leaves a shadow. I also heard what sounded like a cracking sound. Checked all mirrors and alignment all good I can still pulse it.
The connections all are good…

That is usually a very bad sign. Find out where that noise comes from… inside the power supply, the tube, or some funky wiring.
Hint: Search when it’s dark and look for the pretty blue lights. (arcing)
Hopefully it’s just some loose HV wiring.

Checked all the HV wire all good and is also inside silicone tubing so well insulated. checked all the connections all good.
looked for the blue arc none to be found tube is still firing when pulsing but that’s it. The laser dot when pulsed is very large now when set at the proper height.

I only have a diode laser but could it be the lens breaking up? (larger dot)

Thats what I thought so changed all the lenses and focus lense.

Try placing a piece of paper in front of your first mirror and see if it burns, then the same for second and third.

I did that when i realigned the new mirrors i get a large spot not like it use to be.

Just an UPDATE.
After all the replies I got. I removed the tube and drove over to Bescutter on the west coast of Florida and had the tube checked the gentleman that runs the place went through a bunch of test and compared it a new one. He replaced my tube with a new one and all is good.
It is like a candy shop in there all the new lasers still in crates and opened up on the floor.
Thanks for all the replies.
And that you Bescutter…