When are cameras going to be back in stock

When are cameras going to be back in stock. I am needing a 80deg

We don’t sell an 80 degree, so that will be tricky. I’m hoping they’ll be here by mid May, but with manufacturing and shipping delays everywhere, it’s hard to estimate.

Sorry 90 deg. Ok I will keep a eye out for them

Hi which camera suits the thunder nova 35 ?
And do you have the printed bracket to suit it



This is the recommended one for the 35, and there’s a link to the mount on that page:

Although, I know that you’re currently sold out on cameras. I’d like to be prepared for when you’re back in stock.

I’d like your opinion on the best camera selection for the following machines
Boss HP 3655
Boss HP 2436

for use with your software.


To be honest, the HP machines are a pain in the butt to use with the camera, because of the variable height head. If you can be sure that the lens tube is always at the same height, then it’s not a problem, but I know it’s an issue for some.

The minimum mounting height for each of the cameras we sell, on each of those machines:



Without knowing the distance from the bed to the mounting point, I can’t recommend a “best” camera.

Thanks for the reply and information!

Interesting that the head height would be the issue not the moving bed (U-axis).

Typically, we do not move the laser head, but use the table adjust (u-axis) for focusing. Would this help the situation with the camera? I would think that it would throw off the camera focus and require recalibration anytime the bed is moved, no?

No, because the camera is calibrated to the top of the material. When you move the bed, you’re generally doing so to accommodate thicker materials, to move them to the focus point of the laser, which is where the camera is calibrated to. If you don’t move the head then you won’t have issues.

Well, that is perfect then!

Thanks a ton.

I’ll do some calculations and happily await the cameras to come back into stock.

Thanks again!

Great thanks .

I will order before they run out .

Any idea when the text curve function will be available I have a couple of jobs that it would be perfect for

I am only 1 full day on the machine

On my first ever laser or any CNC type of machine

I don’t think I would be doing what I have been creating job wise with out LightBurn …

Great product



Next release is nearly ready. Probably tomorrow.

I’m just trying to be clear in my own mind…
since the camera is calibrated to the top surface of the material that will be affected by the laser, once you’ve focused the laser, you’re good to go with the camera, yes?
also, i’m assuming that the best place to mount the camera on the HP3655 would be the center of the of the lid?

Regarding focus & the camera, yes - move the material surface to the laser focus point and then you can update the camera image.

Ok I see, I had it all wrong. the best place to mound is directly above the worktable while the lid is “Open”
I’ll have to check for min. clearance. I think it’s about 48" when open. Thanks!

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